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Why I rarely build forums

Forums are a legitimate way to develop a domain but I rarely use them. Proponents argue that the content is created by users and it brings life to a website. This is true but does that outweigh the negative aspects of forums? In my experience, forums are rarely worth developing except in certain cases. 

The origins of forums 

Back when I started out on the Internet in the 80s before the web was invented, LISTSERV acted as a forum of sorts. It was really a mailing list but in many ways it acted as a forum. LISTSERV, created by Eric Thomas, is still around and available as a commercial program. 

Even back then, we had the trolls and flamers which tried to disrupt the interactions. Now we can add sophisticated spammers to that list. 

Why not to build a forum 
  • Constant vigilance
  • Minimal control over content
  • Hard to monetize
  • Harder to sell
  • Hard to start 
Constant Vigilance 

I was on twitter recently when a domainer asked for help to remove porn spam from their forum. They were not at home and were unable to remove the spam. Another domainer on twitter luckily stepped in and helped to remove the spam. 

Forums need to be watched whether you are down the street to get a cup of coffee or heading off on vacation. Unlike blogs or websites, the degree to which they dominate your time rarely corresponds to the monetary value they bring in. 

Yes, there are ways to stop spammers but it’s a war and spammers are getting ever more sophisticated. Upgrades in software and installation of various tools are needed on an ongoing basis. 

Flamers and trolls can easily get in under the radar ap
pearing as normal users. They can quickly polarize a community and destroy its integrity and value.

Finding moderators is the usual way of taking the burden off the site owner but these moderators need to have good judgement and be respected. Also you may need to compensate them if you cannot find those motivated enough in the community. You also have to wonder about the motivation of those who do volunteer. 

Minimal control over content 

Much of the content will be generated by the users of the forum. You do not have control over keywords and off-topic conversations often occur. There are ways to handle that but it requires strong moderation and a diplomatic touch. 

Hard to monetize 

Forum users in general tend to ignore ads or even reject forums with ads. The most common solution is to build a website around the forum hoping that the forum users will click on the ads there. 

The problem is that forum users usually just bookmark the forum and go directly to the forum rather than through the website. 

Subscription fees to forums is another business model but they are heavily resisted unless there is some very strong and unique content or tools. Money often needs to be spent to promote a forum with this business model. 

Harder to sell 

Well this probably goes without saying. You limit your buyers when you include a forum. Many buyers, especially experienced ones will know how much work a forum is and will often prefer a website without a forum. 

The forum must bring something unique and essential to the table for buyers to be interested. Most often it is the contribution to the bottom line i.e. more money. 

Hard to start 

Depending on the topic, forums can be hard to start. Finding a core of passionate posters is difficult and managing the politics of the forum so that no one user dominates it can be tricky when the number of users is small. There are various tricks such as seeding the forum with people you know, paying for posts and advertising. 

Forums may not be worth the time and effort 

The most common mistake people make when starting a forum is underestimating the amount of time that is needed and how long it will take for the forum to become self-sustaining. The number of abandoned forums on the web is a testament to that fact. 

The question you need to ask is: what else could I be doing with this time? You could be building more websites or off enjoying a holiday with family without the need to check a forum every hour. 

For me, the choice is usually pretty simple. I can make enough money with websites or blogs and be able to take a break whenever I need to. That is more valuable to me than the extra visitors a forum may bring to my websites. 

So that is my choice, what is yours? 
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The power of mini-sites

The development of domains into mini-web sites is often belittled but the potential earning power of mini-sites is attracting more interest these days. Though mini-site development is not a major part of my strategy, I do set up clusters of mini-sites from time to time. I wanted to share some of my experiences with this strategy. 

Earning potential 

Saving small amounts of money regularly can build up into significant amounts over time. This penny pinching approach is similar to a mini-site strategy. The key is to have a model that can be replicated over and over. 

If you build 10 mini-sites a year to average $5 a day income per web site for 5 years, you are looking at 
  • Year 1 $18,250
  • Year 2 $36,500
  • Year 3 $54,750
  • Year 4 $73,000
  • Year 5 $91,250 
This is about a mini-site a month with time for vacations etc. Even if we drop this to $1 a day, you are looking at $18,250 in the fifth year. 

Characteristics of a good mini-site strategy 
  • Franchise thinking
  • Evergreen content
  • Low maintenance
  • Relatively dependable income stream 
So lets go through each one of these. 

Franchise thinking 

Franchises are built around a detailed plan of how a business should run and they effectively clone that business plan down to the smallest details again and again. Mini-sites should be handled the same way at least within each business sector. 

This templating allows quick implementation with minimal design variations. Images can be swapped in and out of the template design to suit. 

Evergreen content 
I am a great believer in evergreen content. This is content that does not easily go out of fashion or become outdated. For example, information on how to change a tire or how to boil an egg really will not need updating and so once written needs no maintenance. This saves an e
normous amount of work and allows you to increase the number of web sites without overburdening yourself.

Low maintenance 

Evergreen content contributes to low maintenance but other factors play into this also. Using a script or content management system is essential to handle large numbers of web sites. 
  • Upgrading the software can become very burdensome if it has to be done one by one.
  • Cost of licenses for multi-site development and costs of upgrades to software can be significant.
  • Reducing the number of hosts you use will also help save time and money. 
Dependable income stream 

There are multiple ways to generate income from mini-sites including affiliate marketing, ppc or lead generation. The important thing is that you do not want to be micromanaging your ad inventory to ensure reliable income. Finding a good revenue model should be one of the first items to check off your list before starting mini-sites 

Of course I am assuming that all sites will continue to perform at a consistent level to calculate the income. 

I hope I have given you an idea about the mini-site business model and that when designed intelligently, it can be a valuable, scalable, relatively passive income source. 

One of the biggest issues people have with mini-sites is whether to use templates or content management systems. 

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Making lots of money from AdSense 

Some people really do get rich on AdSense earning tens or hundreds of dollars a month from their websites. I came across a post from a couple of years ago about AdSense superstars on The Worst Business Ideas blog and it is not the only one to name some of these top AdSense earners. The top earner is estimated to get about $300,000 from AdSense a month and those that earn over $10,000 a month have been referred to as the Fedex Club because there are unconfirmed reports that they receive their checks by Fedex. So how do they make this kind of money? 

Making big money from AdSense 

There are really only two ways to make large amounts of money from AdSense: 
  1. have a single website with a very large amount of traffic
  2. have many websites with decent traffic 
What they have in common of course is that in total they have a large amount of traffic. That is the key to unlocking the money. After you have the traffic, it is then possible to optimize positioning, colors etc to maximise the number of clicks and boost revenue. 

The top AdSense earner 

Markus Frind is thought to be one of the top AdSense earners. He build his free dating site, PlentyofFish, himself coding it from scratch and he and his girlfriend run the site. His key inspiration was frustration at having to pay on other dating websites so he set about creating the first free dating website. Because it was a first, it went viral and traffic grew. 

One of the pieces of advice he gives, is to do the work as opposed to thinking through concepts. In his opinion, there are too many thinkers and not enough doers. Also he described his efforts as being like a video game that he was determined to win. “…defeat isn’t an option you just find some way to win.” Being first to market or buying your way into the market are the two routes he sees to be successful. 

Interpreting AdSense earnings with caution 

I have to add a note of caution to these declared AdSense earnings. If you are earning $300,000 a month from AdSense but spending $290,000 on advertising, then your profit is a hell of a lot smaller than
is initially apparent. So while seeing photos of extremely large checks is great, any business lives or dies by the net profit. Buying traffic is very common and Google even enables this with their AdWords program.

Putting AdSense on your websites 

AdSense is a good option for the small publisher as a supplementary income but as your website and your traffic grows, it is good to look closely at your website visitors and understand what they are looking for. Then you can see what other options you have for maximizing profit from each visitor. 

Mixing various revenue models can work very well if you have diversified traffic. You can mix PPC with affiliates and drop shipped products for instance. This also makes your revenue model more robust because you are not depending on any one revenue stream. You should make sure though that you are not losing conversions from your most profitable stream to a lower profit stream. For example if you are making $10 a conversion from drop shipment, you do not want to lose that traffic to AdSense at 20 cents a click. 

You can see that Markus’s website is really very simple and even somewhat ugly. He hasn’t spend the time or money giving it the glitzy look many other dating websites have but it still works well. 

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Essential Energy Healing

Essential Energy that synchronizes to form an equally important energy flow to all the so called “Chakras” of the body and a healing process in undermined to help individual getting rid of the toxicities of the body instantly.

What is Essential Energy Healing

The human organism comprises of many internal and external forces with mental/emotional consciousness; physical stability and ethnic stability.
The Vital force that actuates such forms of one’s soul is the non-dynamics available the environment. The healing of the human energy must include all body parts which should harmonize themselves to perform various activities in a synchronistic approach.
The Synchronization of the system of the body must work and should design to assist nature in establishing harmony with everything he/she sense; taste; feel and speaks about etc. The healing process helps in releasing away any form of imbalances of the body organs, acute pain or even any trauma efficiently and completely in one go.

How to do Energy Healing

The essential energy healing is rather stimulated by deep-divining states of relaxation and relief from external world which haunts an individual to work accordingly with unwanted desires and passion to achieve a specific commodity therein.
The philosophy of energy healing is based upon on natural therapeutics therapy treatments; Osteopathy; polarity therapy as well as palpatory and philosophical innovations and discoveries in which the various layers of the body are accessed and casual body starts releasing certain amount of disharmonic patterns.
When the various cells of the body are puffing away nitric oxide in rhythmic cycles the benefits of it helps in enhancing vitality of the cell; appropriate vascular flow and healing of the pure heart. The essential energy destroys away the viral and bacterial micro level contingencies to enhance our own ability to pick a fight with infectious agents and preventing them instantly.
Our resistance to stress increases automatically with greater level of stamina build-up inside the muscles and joints of the body and the healing process sharpens are ability for mental clarity and depression state is overcome as well. It happens due to autonomic nervous system. Overall it’s the cleansing of the entire body organs or chakras present at every spot/point of the human body responsible for the energy flow inside.
Most of the individuals choose body energy healing therapy because there problems of doubts and anxiety with fear associated with catastrophic mistakes should be healed to either little or greater extent. There Aura should be strengthening to help clear away the negative thought forms from the minds etc.
The specific vibrations of the body with certain amount of connection with the light processing system or criteria helps in the emergence of energy healing of the entire body process. The origins of the human creation and the existence of the evil has gone side-by-side to influence each other in some way or the other but the introduction of energy healing with various forms such as Reiki; Karmic Holistic healing etc, have protected either of the form to discover new laurels in once complicated survival of the life.
The soul gets completely damaged and becomes completely lethargy or restive in order to take any form of big and small decisions then there comes a moment in his/her life when he wants to pure himself to wipe away the old-disturbing thoughts to allow new germination of the thoughts which will easily takes there place and instantly starts giving solutions and results with nearly less repercussions.
In Reiki exercise the master channelizes the universal life-force called as: Chi which is a form of energy and the recipient starts sensing the unusual sensation in the various chakras as though certain external universal forces are entering the body and helping in curing the impurities from inside the body parts.
Essential healing process can only undergo if the recipient of the healing therapy adopts the therapy with full zeal and zest or bolster purity for the adoption or else sometimes such therapies ill-treated cause’s substantial side-effects to one’s body as it starts affecting in a reverse order. Kinesiology or muscle testing is another form of technique which tests the individuals’ efficiency for reacting to the body’s vibration fields and then makes calculation as how much a subconscious mind is compatible to various worldly things and dosages.

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Natural Herbal Remedies

The remedies implied thereupon are characterized to transform many criteria of healing process through availability of natural plants; trees and roots mixed or crushed with other forms of medicines to give extra impact of the curing capacity to the patient suffering from that specific disease.
Why does the importance of acquiring natural herbs and shrubs given so much of preference by practitioners of natural health? It is all because of the eradication of the accumulated forms of diseases from their roots and never permitting them to grasp the human body again ever in the near future with devotion; dedication and implied comprehensive knowledge pertaining to understanding of the herbs and shrubs and its utilization in the first instance to help many more in the coming dedicated years.
An estimated 4 billion or 80% of the world’s population is showing its dependence over the consumption of herbal medicines and is also contributing to search upon remedies for the ailments that grasp one’s life to a death. The specific remedies are used in a larger purview in the fields of naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic and traditional oriental medicines etc.
Of the acquired 119 plant-derivations for the treatment of certain specific forms of diseases. The pharmaceutical drug companies or agencies are moving pillar-to-post to acquire at least 74 % of the plants extraction because for a natural herbal remedy different plants are gathered from different specific regions of the world where the medicinal value of “Amazon basin” is at its highest.
The location of the value of the rain forests are been studied thoroughly for any possibility emerging out of the value of the consumption of the plants and trees in particular.
A plant based substance as a remedy is rather treated upon today with commercial availability of the medicines in the domestic market. Acute conditions such as high blood-pressure; cardiovascular diseases of the heart; asthma; acute pain in the muscles of the body parts; etc. are certain noticeable traces of the diseases which if handled with care and devotion could have the tendency to wipe out the disease from its root as discussed above. On a whole we could say that the introduction of herbal remedy came into the existence of the world due to the ultimate solution of searching symptoms of the disease.
The Natural Herbal Remedies helps in removing up toxin build-ups inside the bloodstream of the human body which is an accumulated toxin wastes of the colon and the digestive tract of the abdominal region. The remedy helps in supporting the specific diet chart plan where various changes has contributed to the well-being of the patient and due to which there experienced a weight loss in a person whether man or woman.
There is an increased rejuvenating assurance of the bowel movements for appropriate digestion of the stomach as well. Natural herbal cleansing of the body parts is also ensured before-hand with the use of a specific natural herb and shrub kit available in the market today. These kits are organic by nature or are harvested wild itself with no chemicals or foreign agents added to flees customers thereupon.
Around over ninety different herbs including salvia divinorum and shrubs in nearly thirteen special formulas the cleansing of the body is actuated for supporting the smaller and bigger intestinal features of the abdomen which also supports liver; lungs; blood; skin; kidney and gallbladder etc. There is a substantial reduction in the para-organisms population of the cells which corrects or rebalances the disturbing balance of such cells.
Herbal green tea is always soothing in the morning hours that work as an anti-oxidant to support the de-toxicities of the body fluids. Goldenseal; Garlic; Chamomile; Ginseng; Dandelion; spearmint and peppermint; Comfrey etc are some of those remedial names of the herbal medicines given to a specific patient suffering from a disease.

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How a Spiritual Life Affects a Person’s Health

A person’s life has several aspects that constitute a healthy whole. Generally, despite the desire to have a well-rounded life, people consider one or several aspects as the topmost priority. For example, there are those who feel that their physical health is the most important; as such they spend all their days with several workout routines and healthy eating. Meanwhile, those who prioritize their social life cannot go through a week without meeting up with several friends. Those who feel that their emotional health is most important would not think twice about sacrificing meals or even a job if only to get the love of his or her life back after a dramatic fight.
But how about the people who believe that the spiritual aspect supersedes all others? How do people who spend their entire week working at 8 to 5 jobs have the energy to attend prayer meetings or other religious activities during the weekend while other people are flat on their beds recuperating? How does a spiritual life affect a person?
1. Physical health – People who believe in a Supreme Being have a higher sense of hope for anything they are feeling physically. For example, when two people are diagnosed with the same sickness and one of them believes in a Divine Being and the other doesn’t, the former is more likely to have the confidence that he will get well. This results in the physical realm being subject to whatever that person believes in the spiritual. This is also largely why those who go to church and spend their time listening to sermons instead of catching up on sleep can regain their energy as well: they claim that the truths they learn in church are “food” for them.
2. Emotional life – Those who have a strong belief in a Great God who cares about them are less likely to succumb to depression or a sense of hopelessness even when everything else falls apart. This is because they have an anchor that everything else will work out OK. This also means that they can handle stress much more easily.
3. Social life – People who go to religious gatherings typically have a greater source of wisdom when it comes to relating to other people. For example, ancient Chinese principles teach the importance of treating others as we would like to be treated. Christian principles emphasize the importance of loving other people, including one’s enemies. These kinds of mindsets set the tone for one’s social interactions.
4. Professional life – People who have strong beliefs in terms of their spiritual life tend to act out those beliefs in their professional life. For example, those who work or are involved in a business may adhere to certain principles such as honesty and integrity much more strictly when they believe that they are expected to be so on the premise of their religious beliefs. Those who do not have such beliefs are more likely to succumb to pressures of what other people do in the workplace.
5. Mental life – People who go to religious gatherings and are refreshed typically have their mental health in a much improved state. Studies have checked people who believe in certain religious rituals like glossalalia: when they perform this ritual of speaking in other languages they haven’t learned, scientists have found a certain portion of the person’s brain working when it reportedly does not function during other activities. Also, the person’s immune system reportedly shoots up, tying it not only to mental health but also to the person’s physical health as well.
As we can see, there are certain advantages that a person experiences when he has something to hold on to in terms of his spiritual life. Of course, it still depends on the person’s beliefs that dictate which aspect of his life that he chooses to prioritize. In the end, the results will just show in terms of how it affects all the other aspects of one’s lifestyle.

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Airtel 3G – Get 3G Speed In 2G Internet Plans – For Free!

Airtel 3G is providing the best Downloading and Surfing Speed then any other network, But Airtel 3G Data Plans are bit costly and normal person can’t afford it. So we all want to get 3G speed in 2G Gprs Plans in Airtel 3G which is now possible and working 100%

Get 3G Speed In 2G Gprs Plans For Free : Airtel 3G | 100% Working

After the 3G speed trick in Tata Docomo got banned I personally moved to Airtel 3G as it has the similar free 3G speed trick as Docomo. So just follow the below steps :

3G speed in 2G Plans For Airtel :

  • First deactivate all the Gprs Data Plans and Activate Airtel 3G
  • Now Activate 7rs Airtel 3G plan and wait till the service got activated
  • Use 2-3 MB data and then recharge with 98rs 2G Gprs pack on the same day
  • After than do not use Internet till the validity of 7rs plan gets completely over
  • Viola! You hack Airtel 3G speed, now enjoy 3G speed in 98rs plans

Note : Use the same trick after the data or validity of the 2GB plan gets over!

Airtel 3G : Get 3G Speed In 2G Internet Plans For Free | Conclusion

We can only pray to God that this 3G speed trick never gets block and we can enjoy the same trick forever

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on How to get 3g speed in 2g internet plans for Airtel 3G and if you have any problem or want to share your own views then please do comment for “Get 3G Speed in 2G Internet Plans For Airtel

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Determining Factors in Children’s Weight Problems

As more and more Americans become overweight, we are seeing our poor choices as adults being passed on to our children. There are three main factors that increase the risk of obesity in our children.

Poor diet. If you are unsure about how to develop a healthy diet for your child, consult your doctor or a dietitian. Children grow and develop rapidly and their nutritional needs differ from yours. A diet that works for you may not be right for your child.

Lack of exercise. How does your child use free time – riding a bike and playing outside, or sitting in front of the computer or television? And how do you as parents spend your free time? Parents play a key role in their children’s attitude toward physical activity. The earlier you start adding fitness to your family routine, the more readily the kids will accept it as a normal part of family life.

Genetics. Take a look at yourself and your child’s other parent and grandparents. Are several members of your family overweight? Your child may be genetically predisposed to put on excess weight. This genetic tendency is realized in an environment where high-calorie food is always available and opportunities for activity are scarce.

Among the most important things we can do for our children are teaching them to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. This will give them the best chance for a long, disease free life in spite of their genetic tendencies.

If we as parents do not act in the best interest of our children’s health, the effects can be devastating. The resulting issues can include low self-esteem and bullying, behavior and learning problems and depression. Not to mention the health risks associated with being overweight such as sleep apnea, asthma and diabetes. If your child’s weight problems persist into adulthood, they will have a greater chance of developing other life-threatening conditions such as heart disease or cancer.

Let us foster our children’s natural inclination to run around, explore and eat only when hungry (not out of boredom), and a healthy weight should take care of itself

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Water

Many people don’t stop to consider that most waters available to us in the West are dead and acidic.  Municipal water travels through pipes and various systems that manipulate the electrical properties and chemically taint the water with up to 90 legally allowable chemicals and contains chlorine and chlorine by-products which have been linked to bladder, breast, and other cancers.  Municipal water generally has no energy value (ORP), little oxygen and is not easily absorbed.
The bottled water that has been enjoying such popularity for the last couple of decades is also dead and is usually quite acidic, which adds to the problem of acidic toxin buildup.  Over 40% of bottled water is from purified, filtered municipal water and some bottled waters are more contaminated than municipal water.  Plastic bottles can also leach dioxin, a known carcinogen, and other chemicals into the fluid contents.
Why is this important to you?  Most people have acidic bodies due to accumulated acidic waste from food, drinks, lack of rest, stress, and pollution that is not completely disposed of by their systems.

Consider that when people are born, their bodies are predominantly alkaline. During the normal process of growth, through eating habits, and everyday activities, the human body acquires and stores excess acid waste that may build up to alarming levels and begin to destroy body tissues and organs. These acid wastes deplete their bodies of much needed oxygen and create an environment conducive to the growth of discomfort and disease.
When cells dehydrate, they put into motion the catabolic phase which includes muscle wasting, cell hypoxia (oxygen starvation), DNA damage, and accelerated aging.  As a result, the cell becomes more sensitive to free radicals and more susceptible to viruses and autoimmune diseases. Virtually all symptoms of aging can be traced to cellular dehydration accompanied by free radical damage.
Although it isn’t ideal, our bodies do have a way of dealing with all this acid: neutralization. The body plays a clever trick and leaches (removes) calcium and magnesium (alkaline minerals) from our bones and organs to help offset the over-acidification.  Another clever trick our bodies use is to store the acid that can’t be eliminated or neutralized as solid waste, also known as fat.  This is another defense mechanism our bodies use to actually save our lives in the absence of a healthier way to deal with acidic toxin buildup.
As acidic toxins build up in our bodies, the result is often inflammation in one form or another such as joint stiffness and pain, swelling, gout, acid reflux, fatigue, ‘brain fog’, low-energy, constipation, weight gain, etc.
Alkaline ionized water, with its strong antioxidant and super absorption properties due to its much smaller molecular structure, helps extinguish the fires of acidity and inflammation and aids in restoring cellular membranes to their former flexible and permeable state. This allows your cells to once again become more easily hydrated, nourished, oxygenated and healthy. As cells become healthier and less congested, they once again take up the insulin and sugar more efficiently and sugar levels remain lower and more stable in the bloodstream.  Oxygen is also more efficiently distributed throughout your body.

Improved cellular hydration also results in a reduction of cell acidy, enhanced immunity, increased fat burning, DNA repair, and increased resistance to viruses. The proper use of antioxidant alkaline water is the single most important thing that one can do for his or her health.

Drink alkaline ionized water for 7-10 days and see the results for yourself. Call Tina Smith at 951-505-0502 for a free two-week supply.

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Who ensures the safety of dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements include any products taken by mouth that contain a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement the diet. This would include vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids and concentrates, metabolites, constituents, and extracts of these substances. Dietary supplements are not classified or considered to be drugs.
By law, manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their supplements are safe before they are marketed. Unlike drug products, dietary supplements are not reviewed by the government before being made available to the consumer.
On January 04, 2011, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law.

This measure imposes significant changes in our food safety laws and mandates preventive measures by farmers, manufacturers and distributors, providing increased inspections. The law also provides the FDA with greater authority to regulate the industry. An important part of the law allows the FDA to recognize accredited third party inspection and certification programs for imported products, which has presented a challenge for our food safety authorities in the USDA and FDA.
Is there a National Standard for dietary supplements?
Yes. NSF International, one of several independent organizations, has developed a national standard, NSF/ANSI Standard 173. Companies that manufacture and distribute dietary supplements can participate in an independent testing and verification program, which is based on this standard. This program protects consumers by testing for contaminants and then verifies that what’s stated on the label is what’s actually in the bottle.
Federal law requires labels on dietary supplement products contain the following information:
  • Statement of identity
  • Net quantity of contents
  • Directions for use
  • Supplement Facts Panel, listing serving size, amount, and active ingredient
  • Other ingredients in descending order of predominance
  • Name and place of business of manufacturer, packer, or distributor
Dietary supplements may not be totally risk free, under all circumstances. Some supplements are marketed without submitting to independent testing. It is important to take the time to make sure there is a GMP, QAI, USDA, NSF, USP or CL quality certified seal on the bottle of product, you are buying.
Rick Mayer can be found at Always Natural

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