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Blogging – A wonderful way of sharing knowledge

October 17th, 2011

If you have a flair for writing, then you can definitely enjoy blogging, but you must know it before you invade this domain.
What is blogging?

Initially, it was started as writing a personal diary or a journal, but later it converted into something, which literally became the most popular form of online writing. Blog writing has become quite famous due to its diversification and adoptability. In other words, blog is a combination of two different words, “web” and “log” – it is also known as web-logging.

Why you need blogging?
Why blog? Blogging is beyond writing. You can add audio, video, images, slides and other interesting aspects to make it more appealing. Here, your creativity is not only enchanted with chains of words, as you can even rely on interesting pictures to speak up in your own way. Blogging is the easiest way to express you. You can share your thoughts with any medium of expression. This modern style of writing has. therefore, become need of the day.
Like personal blogs, different world famous websites also keep their corporate blogs to monitor customer feedback and the way a customer looks at their website. Doing a business in the world of competition is not so easy. Hence, if you have a blog of your own, which classifies and deploys all information about you and your company is quite useful. From an entrepreneur to a wealthy businessman, anyone can give his business best shot through blogging.
So, if you want to become a blogger, then don’t think, just act now!  You can earn through blogging and if you are good enough to play with the words, then do it now. Test your skills and give yourself a clear chance to assess your real talent in the field of writing. Once the blog is established, just keep on updating it. You will notice that after some time, if your blog is interesting, you will get readers’ feedback.  This feedback can be positive or negative, but it’s good that readers are paying attention.
How to blog?
Keep in your mind what is blog, as you are not writing for yourself, but for others. You are not writing an online diary. The days are over when people conceived it as a way of expressing your own ideas for your own sake. Now, you have to be very careful about what you are posting. It’s about you, but about the interest of the readers. No doubt, you are writing for your own self, but it should benefit others too.
You can create an interesting blog in your own style and the topic of your choice. Just start writing as you like. Registering a blog at some blogging sites is almost free. So, no need to worry about expenses. Select a catchy template and use crispy language to attract readers. It’s more than fun if you know how to write well. You can relieve your stress by doing this marvelous activity. Even there is no restriction on keeping more than one blog. If you can arrange, then you can keep as many as you want.
It’s a good choice if you can write on different topics at the same time. Blog writing requires you to write sensibly on any topic, which you think you can write on. Use simple words and phrases, rather than twisting sentences with literature. Your reader will never pay attention to the piece of writing if it is too difficult to read. Like words, use self explanatory images and videos.
Today, pictorial blogs are quite in and people love to have a bite of their favorite topics. It can be entertainment, news, current affairs, sports or some other interesting topic. Once the blog post is done, then monitor the feedback of the readers. It is the best way to assess the level of your writing and the way a reader wants to have some information.
Key benefits of blogging
Blogging is the modern way of interacting with others. It is a way of showing your intellect in your own unique way. Once you are into blogging, you will never ever leave this field. Blogging is not only about saying some words about a topic or some news event. It is all about making a social circle of think tanks, researchers, writers and other people of the same interest.
It is an ideal way to provoke people to buy something, to make a comment about some ongoing event or any other issue, which you want to publicize. Keep in mind that rather than telling a “cock and bull story,” your blog should deal with the readers intelligently.
So you think you can write a blog?
A blog requires quite different skills from rest of the writing. You must have a focus on the topic and use simple words. Suppose, if you are doing a fashion blog, then make it interesting and keep it concise. An online reader always wants to read something, which is short and concise, but comprehensive. It’s better to keep it this way, rather than making it fancy and classic. You do not need to put a huge amount of idioms, difficult sentences and complex phrases, because the reader will lose interest and run away immediately. So, always be careful and stay successful!
This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for, a site emphasizing on antivirus software.

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